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Renting a tandem in Europarcs Amsterdam

EuroParcs Resort Poort van Amsterdam, 1-10 persons
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Renting a tandem in Europarcs Amsterdam

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Renting a tandem in Europarcs Amsterdam


Renting a tandem in Europarcs Amsterdam

Do you love biking? Renting a tandem in Europarcs Amsterdam is a great idea if you want to explore the area with your friends or family. You never have to pedal hard with a tandem, because your traveling companion cycles along nicely. Cycling on a tandem always means getting used to it in the beginning, so your day with our tandem immediately starts in a fun way. Riding a bicycle together is not easy, especially if you are not allowed to steer or have to take a turn. Once you’ve mastered it, you can explore the area together. Of course, many great routes are available from Europarcs Poort van Amsterdam, you can go in all directions from Uitdam. A very nice trip is the one along Marken, Volendam and Monnickendam.

The best routes for tandem rental

If you rent a tandem with us, we will always provide you with different cycling routes, so you can make up your mind and choose where you prefer to go. If you like exploring Volendam and Marken, first drive over the dike to Marken. There you can visit various nice sights, such as the lighthouse, the clog maker or the cozy harbor. If you have seen Marken, you can sail to Volendam with a Marken Express boat ticket incl bicycle. There you can visit the Volendam Museum and the Smit Bokkum eel smokehouse, or have a photo in Volendam traditional costume taken as a souvenir. Of course there is much more to experience in Volendam, such as the harbor or the eel sound museum. Will you continue your trip to Monnickendam, make a stopover at the cheese farm. You will have a wonderful day!

Rent a tandem with a group in Europarcs Amsterdam

If you would like to rent a tandem with a group of people, we will gladly welcome you. Riding a tandem with a group is always a fun and enjoyable experience. As a group you learn to work well together and also, you need to discuss the route and pace. But of course you can also chat with each other en route to have a great time. Taking a bike ride together is always fun and above all very relaxing. Moreover, there is much to see in the surroundings of Europarcs Amsterdam. The polder landscape and the beautiful view of the waters, the authentic fishing boats and characteristic houses along the harbor quay, everything has its own atmosphere. That, of course, also determines the day if you are going to rent a tandem with a group, whether with family or friends, or with colleagues during a company outing.

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