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About us

How it all started

The versatile Rent & Event was founded in 2018. A young company focused on organizing and planning unforgettable and special days out and other events. It all started when we ran into an empty building in the beautiful harbor of Volendam. We just had to do something with that! A concept was started for renting out scooters to day trippers and other visitors. Within a month everything was already arranged to start. The building was ours and the scooters were ready for rental. The grand opening of Rent & Event in Volendam was at the end of May.

Grand opening

For the grand opening, Monique Smit came to lend a hand. All important people were there to celebrate the opening of Rent & Event with us. Our friends, family and business associates toast to the adventure with us. The first weekend it was very busy right away. In addition to scooters, there appeared to be a great demand for renting bicycles and e-bikes in Volendam. And so our business operations were expanded. You can now also rent bicycles and e-bikes at Rent & Event.

Rent & Event, location no2

Two months later a second location was added, at the Europarcs Resort Poort van Amsterdam holiday park. We were asked to manage the activities at the park and the rental. The rental was expanded again, this time with canoes, pedal boats, sups and even sloops. The park is located in Uitdam next to Marken. And is therefore located in a beautiful area, ideal to discover by bike or boat. We can say that 2018 was a good year for Rent & Event.

We just keep building

In the winter of 2018-2019 it was time for the maintenance of the vehicles and the expansion of our fleet. But also for reflection and making plans for the future. The space above the building in Volendam also had to be given a purpose. And we found it quickly.

Workshop space

The Rent & Event workshop space opened at the beginning of 2019. A beautiful place in the harbor of Volendam where various workshops can be followed. From painting a wooden shoe to activities that are more focused on memorable bachelor parties in Volendam 😉 The summer of 2019 also started with various collaborations, which allowed Rent & Event to grow even further. Our bicycles and scooters were placed at various hotels so that guests can use a bicycle directly on location and do not have to come to the building in the port first.

Deliver bicycles on location

Customers kept asking us to rent bicycles on location. Applications for groups, large and small, also continued to pour in. That is why our services were expanded again. With our large bus and trailer we now deliver bicycles on location, whether for 6 people or for 100. We bring and collect the bicycles so that our customers can enjoy the area all day long.

New site

Our website was intended for the rental of scooters. The expansions and changes of our company went so fast that the site could no longer keep up. So it was time for a new one in which we also like to bring products from partners to the attention of our customers. The product range and the collaborations have now been further expanded with, for example, escape rooms, treasure hunts, walking tours, etc. On the Rent & Event site you will find everything for an unforgettable day in Volendam.

Next step?

We are far from done. There are still a lot of special projects on the agenda! As soon as we have news you will find all the information on our site and social media. So regularly take a look at the site and social media to stay informed of all our developments.